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Why You Should Be Using PageSpeed Insights

January 24, 2017

Page speed, or how fast your website’s individual pages load and render, has been a known technical factor in organic rankings for quite some time now. However, recently, extra weight has been placed on this metric in regards to mobile-friendliness. Even though your website is mobile responsive, if page speed is lacking there is a chance that Google will consider it not “mobile-friendly.”  This makes sense since the algorithm looks at the user experience when ranking sites. A site that takes a long time to load offers a poor user experience – not to mention it leads to higher bounce rates and less conversions.  Do you know if your website is up to speed?

PageSpeed Insights is a valuable, easy-to-use tool that can measure the page speed performance of your website. It will determine your “PageSpeed Score,” which can range from 0 to 100 points. A score of 85 or higher signals that a page is performing well.  PageSpeed Insights looks at network-independent page performance factors including:

  • HTML structure of a page
  • Time to render above the fold content
  • Image optimization
  • JavaScript usage
  • CSS usage
  • Render blocking styles and scripts
  • Compression, minification, caching
  • Server response time

PageSpeed Insights also provides suggestions on how to improve a page’s performance, and gives you an idea of how much of an impact each of the fixes would make. For example, you may need to compress images, minify CSS and JavaScript files, or implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a web framework that creates faster-loading mobile web pages.

When reviewing your PageSpeed Insights performance report, you need to consider each individual factor rather than just the overall score. Some items could be considered false positives or unavoidable – especially if an essential third-party service does not adhere to these best practices. That’s why after receiving your score, you may want to consider having SEO and web development experts, like those at Prime Visibility, review the findings. Our team can interpret and analyze your results, identify bottlenecks, fix any issues, and improve your website’s ranking and performance.

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