Made to Measure

We analyze the entire customer experience to determine what’s working, what’s not, and how you can improve.

Attribution Modeling

So you’ve come up with an amazing digital marketing campaign and executed it to perfection. Now what?

One of Prime Visibility’s biggest strengths is our reporting. We are an accountability firm and we are defined by KPIs which are emphasized at the onset of our engagement. We work with our clients to determine success metrics before we begin our strategy development.

There’s power in numbers and data. And our web analytics and reporting tools gather the business intelligence our experts need to maximize your campaign performance and help you make the smartest marketing decisions. We compile real-time data related to SEO, paid search, social media, display, email marketing and more, from Google Analytics, AdWords, Webmaster tools, Facebook, Twitter, and internal tools.

Whether you are using a single digital channel or several, our reporting looks at the entire conversion process. Our unique attribution modeling tool tracks and evaluates how multiple channels work together and gives us access to insights and metrics that can help gauge not only your ROI, but conversion paths. Through our analysis we can see key trends, hits/misses, and areas of opportunity, while illustrating the true value of your marketing efforts.


  • Gain insights into how visitors are interacting with your website
  • Make informed site design improvements
  • Increase usability for your customers
  • Identify the most valuable traffic sources
  • Reallocate budget and marketing focus to the most profitable sources of traffic
  • Identify which keywords are driving the highest conversions
  • Profile visitor behavior of your most loyal customers
  • Leverage the most popular site content
  • Identify conversion optimization opportunities
  • Understand cost per acquisition for lead generation
  • Identify A/B and multivariate testing opportunities
  • Comprehensive reporting with real actionable insights
  • Analyze visitor loyalty (retention) and visitor frequency (brand engagement)


Our team has deep experience with the leading solutions in web analytics software including Adobe Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics, and Coremetrics.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to discuss your digital marketing plans, we love talking digital.